White Paper: Making Git Safe for the Enterprise

Take Control of Git’s Obliterate Feature and Get Security and Compliance

Did you know that Git breaks with one traditional paradigm of all other version control systems:

Sacrificing immutable commit history for greater developer flexibility and the possibility to remove problematic content forever (obliterate feature). From a management perspective, that’s a security and compliance risk.

Because Git was initially designed to be a low-level version control system engine for use with third-party front ends, it lacks many of the inherent security controls of Subversion. For example, Git relies natively on file system and transport protocols for read/write access. Even commonly available add-ons only address access control at the repository level. This is a problem for most enterprises, since they require a robust RBAC and fine-grained permissions management system to handle large, diverse and distributed development teams and projects.

Read this paper to learn how TeamForge addresses this and other issues related to Git security, scalability and governance.