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DevOps has quickly become the buzz word du jour of our industry. Most organizations working on DevOps find out that infrastructure virtualization and automation may potentially create more problems than they solve - if the company does not standardize on tools and processes across development and operations.

Are your development and operations teams out of sync and failing to collaborate throughout the entire application lifecycle? Wish your teams or entire organization could embrace the culture of continuous feedback and collaboration - without losing productivity? 

Then this Webinar is for you!

CollabNet invites you to join us for an informative webinar:
  • To review the major drivers and state of DevOps
  • Introduce you to CollabNet Enterprise DevOps
  • Demonstrate how you can operationalize DevOps today 

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About the Speaker

Thomas Hooker

Vice President | CollabNet

Thomas Hooker is vice president of marketing at Collabnet. A 20+ year veteran of the tech  industry with experience in companies including BMC, Boole & Babbage, Tidal Software and Cisco.

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