Accomplishing Agile Delivery & DevOps
with TeamForge


On-Demand Webinar

Join us for a live demonstration of how TeamForge helps Agile teams to plan, manage and instantly see the status of all projects through all stages of development –from upstream planning through deployment. Kevin Hancock, Sr. Director Field Operations for CollabNet, will provide an overview of TeamForge and how the new features can now help you better manage and report on all stages of the delivery lifecycle, regardless of what tools and processes you use.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use Lifecycle Metrics Charts to know the progress of all work items
  • How to customize metrics to create persona-based dashboards for executives, QA, release managers and development teams
  • How to to manage the progress and status of work items in the current sprint using Task Boards and Planning Boards
  • Monitor the status of every feature in each sprint (or iteration) and assigned product backlog to specific sprints
  • Break stories down into tasks, add new tasks for a backlog item (epic, story, etc), move tasks across swim lanes, and more
Kevin Hancock Kevin Hancock: Sr. Director- Field Operations, CollabNet

Kevin is responsible for building out CollabNet's partner distribution channel and acting as the major customer advocate across the CollabNet organization. In his ten plus years at CollabNet, Kevin has led successful implementations of CollabNet products and services at some of the world’s largest enterprises. Kevin works with organizations to transform their globally distributed application development teams into modern, agile organizations, helping to save millions of dollars while accelerating software delivery. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Masters degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

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