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The evolution of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) in the modern day enterprise has garnered attention towards the way developers test and deploy their code. Testing is moving left in the development process, and developers are evermore involved in the testing of their code and the corresponding troubleshooting that is surfaced through testing. Smaller iterations, testing earlier, and testing more effectively are all benchmarks for success in the CI/CD report card.

Join Technical Product Marketing Manager, Brent Hobson, as he runs through the modern day testing norms of an effective testing process. Learn the difference between testing methods, how they fit into the scope of responsibility for your developers, and how they add value to the agile process throughout.

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About the Speaker

Brent Hobson

Technical Product Marketing Manager | CollabNet

Brent Hobson is the Technical Product Marketing Manager for CollabNet with 10+ years of marketing expertise. He is a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner and consistently practices agile methodologies in his daily work. As owner of the marketing efforts for both TeamForge and CollabNet DevOps Lifecycle Manager, he has in-depth knowledge of the methodologies surround and supporting the DevOps process in customers and internally within CollabNet.

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