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Embedded software is growing at an astronomical rate across all different types of markets, sparked by the trend of the Internet of Things (IoT) for device connectivity to the Internet for functionality. Industrial equipment, aerospace and defense, medical devices, electronics and automobiles are just a few of the industries following suit. In fact, today, it is estimated that a premium class automobile has more than 100 million lines of code and some have up to 150 million!

Please join us as we discuss the current landscape of embedded software development. We will dispel the idea that the general process of developing embedded software cannot follow the same processes and utilize the same tools as the other types of software development being done in your organization today. We will then demonstrate how to develop your embedded applications better and faster without gaps in your software tool chain. Yes, it is a Mission Possible!

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Bob Jenkins

Director of Version Control Services | CollabNet

Bob is the Director of Version Control Services at CollabNet. His background includes over 18 years focused on Application Lifecycle Management tools with a particular focus on version controls from ClearCase to Subversion and Git.

At CollabNet (where he has been for 16 years), he primarily focuses on consulting with enterprises planning to adopt Git and Subversion along with developing end user training materials for both version control tools. He is unquestionably a worldwide expert on version control and SCM best practices for enterprises.

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