TeamForge 17.1 Version Control is an award-winning collaborative software development platform that helps organizations like yours accelerate application delivery, while maintaining the highest standards of compliance and IP security.

The new release reinforces TeamForge’s unique ability to centralize disparate software repositories and formulate your organization's needs for version control and configuration management. TeamForge 17.1 Version Control brings the following notable features:

  • Unparalleled admin compliance and security settings—plus the ability to share groups, roles, and permissions across Git and SVN repositories
  • Inline Editing which avoids the need to clone a repository and allows you to edit within the web-based code browser UI
  • Cutting-edge enterprise Git features, including fine-grained access controls, traceability, tamper-proof audit trails, history protection, branch-deletion undo, code reviews, and customizable commit gating and validation policies
  • Topic grouping that allows for multi-repository projects to be grouped together for single submission process

Join this webinar and be among the first to see TeamForge 17.1 and learn about the new release directly from Miikka Andersson, Senior Product Manager at CollabNet.

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About the Speaker

Miikka Andersson

Senior Product Manager | CollabNet

Miikka Andersson has over 10 years of engineering and project/product management experience in technology companies ranging from start-ups to large scale global enterprises. Miikka joined CollabNet from Microsoft / Nokia where he held various Project Manager, Product Owner and Technical / Team Lead positions. In addition to his strong Project and Product Management skills, he has a deep knowledge in Software Configuration Management, Test Automation, and Continuous Integration / Delivery. Being a huge advocate of Agile and Lean principles, he is very people-centric and constantly looking for new ways to improve work practices and processes. Miikka is a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), and is also about to complete his Masters Of Science in Information Processing by the end of 2016.

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