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Competitive Differentiation through Agility
Original Date and Time: November 20th, 10-10:30am PDT/6-6:30pm UTC

In today’s business world, swift reaction to changing market conditions is a competitive differentiator. Accelerating product delivery trumps any other improvements R&D can provide. This is why future-thinking businesses are turning to Enterprise Cloud Development (ECD) to achieve the speed and flexibility they need to respond to new opportunities and market changes.

Attend this fast-paced 30 minute webinar, featuring unique cloud adoption forecasts and analysis from Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services and CollabNet, to learn how:

• Agile development can grow your top line while fostering organizational alignment
• DevOps improves product reliability and streamlines product delivery
• Hybrid Cloud platforms let you scale elastically to maximize productivity and minimize cost


 Larry Marion

 Bloomberg Businessweek Research Consultant /
 Research Director of Triangle Publishing

 Triangle Publishing

 Laurence Sweeney

 Vice President, Enterprise Transformation


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